Kingdom Death: Monster – Pinup Wet Nurse

This is my finished Wet Nurse Pinup. I am pretty pleased with how she turned out. I used a lot of new techniques and experimented a bit with her and I think the result is worth it!

I posted her to the Kingdom Death Painting page and was asked how I did the transparent fabric of her dress so I thought I would do a little step by step here. I will create a video of a future miniature with transparent fabric as well 🙂

Steps for transparent fabric:

  1. Paint the exposed areas of skin to completed level.
  2. Paint the fabric in the base colour – in this case I used a very light grey for the dress base colour.
  3. Take your base skin tone into the areas of the fabric that would be against the skin and do several very light glazes to build up the colour. Try not to get the skin tone on fabric that is sitting away from the skin – folds in the fabric, skirts etc.
  4. If the model is wearing clothing underneath the transparent fabric, repeat step 3 with the base colour of the clothing. In the case of the pinup, I painted a few glazes of very thinned down black paint where her underwear would show through.
  5. Reinforce the fabric colour on the top surface of the folds and other areas that are not sitting against the skin with light glazes of the base fabric colour.
  6. Lighten the base colour with your highlight colour and glaze on some highlights to the folds and other parts of fabric not sitting next to the skin.
  7. repeat step 6 until you are happy with the highlights.

Done! 🙂

Next challenge – Non Metallic Metal!

Author: Seona

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